Some Question about Volumio 2

hi Guys

I have some questions about Volumio 2 lastest version.

I used Volumio on a RPi2 + Hifi Digi and the official 7 inch display.
The display and the touchscreen work as far as I think without any problems the plugin installed correctly.
But is it normally that under the plugins with the touch screen no settings are displayed? If I click on Settings, it shows me that there are no settings available.
Is that right? or something went wrong when installing.

My other question relates to the logging of logfiles.
I know that the Question has been asked many times before and that these are stored only temporarily in the memory to reduce the write access to the SD card. However, my logfiles on my other RPis are sent to my NAS via rsyslog and I want to implement this with Volumio.
By default, rsyslog is not installed, so I’m wondering if it is possible or even it is sense to install it without damaging the base system. or maybe it’s possible to redirect the logfiles via fstab instead of directly into a folder on my NAS?

Normally my NAS is set up by autofs on my RPis.
Could the line in the fstab be changed to get the log files instead of the temporary storage directly on my NAS? (If rsyslog is not a solution) and if so, would it be nice if someone could tell me what the fstab of Volumio would look like, so the log files will be loaded directly onto the NAS in the future.

Thanks and best regards
from Germany.

for real?
Nobody can help me?
And nobody who can tell me if it is normal that no settings in the display plugin are available? :frowning:

Rather an empty reply, but just to demonstrate that people are actually reading your post, but maybe don’t have the knowledge that you are expecting :wink:.

Sorry no answer about the touch display settings plugin … I have never used it.

It seems reasonable that you can install rsyslog without breaking things. Try it and see.

You can also mount a folder on your NAS in fstab, but you will still have the problem of getting system logs there. Perhaps redirecting systemd’s ‘journalctl’ output?

Let us know how you get on, for future searches.

I can just confirm that the plugin diplay “no settings” because there is no settings for it…