Software volume control with I2S output of HifiBerry DAC+

I have an RPi with a HifiBerry DAC+, and an external DAC (a DDDAC1794) connected to the I2S output of the HifiBerry. I am trying to control playback volume using software volume control in Volumio. However, I can’t get this to work. Volumio just ignores the volume setting.
I have set the mixer to software volume control. I have tried the DAC type setting as HifiBerry DAC+ or as Generic I2S DAC.

Any clues or help would be greatly appreciated. I am fine with logging in via SSH and doing things on the command line. Volumio version is 2.246.

I’m no expert but I am certainly curious, as I use the HFB DAC+ Pro… Given that you have I2S on the 40way GPIO pins, why have you got the HFB DAC there at all?

Chris M

The I2S output on the RPi pins isn’t very good (poor clock, see The HiFi-Berry takes the RPi data and reclocks the data stream. The HiFi-Berry I2S output therefore has a much better clock than the RPi output.

Does the software volume control work with your HiFi-Berry? I’d think that Volumio should be able to just scale the audio signal according to the volume setting and then send the scaled data to the HiFi-Berry. It seems I can’t make it do this.

Hi, trying to get i2s from a hifiberry dac pro to a tda1541a but get no sound at all
Could yuo tell how you connect it to the external dac. Which connection to what pin on your dac?
Do you use special setting in Volumio?

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