Sluggish performance


I’ve been playing with Volumio on and off for a year now and no matter what I try, I find the performance to be sluggish.

Yesterday I flashed a new SD card with Volumio and configured it for my network. I’m running it on a RPI 4 4gb and have my music on a USB drive(3.0). Everything seems to work fine with the exception of a sluggish interface. If I press play or pause on a song it could take 1-5sec for a response. Sometimes it will seem locked up but if you wait it will finally catch up. Playback seems to continue fine and never pauses or skips. I’ve read through the forum but have found nothing to help. I hope I am missing something simple but it is frustrating to constantly wait for the interface to respond.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try to change the buffer size. I really can’t remember what is default. But you can set it to the lowest value and see if that works for you

First thing that comes to mind is a network issue. You might check under your settings if your network speed is adequate. There can also be a conflict with other (WiFi) routers (use of same channel), which could be reset to test if this resolves the issue.

Thanks for the replies. I looked at the buffer setting and mine(default?) was set to 2mb. I tried lowering it to 1mb and will see if it improves.

My network is very robust with a 1gb local network and a 1gb internet connection and my wifi is 802.11ac and reliable. I have also experienced the same issue while hard wired to the network so for the moment I think networking is not the issue.