Shuffling full albums in library

Hello, before buying the Premium I would like to know if it allows me to shuffle albums?

What I mean by that is that I want to select either my full library or a playlist and then be able to shuffle it as albums. For exemple a random album would be selected, then played for beginning to end, and then another album is selected, then played from beginning to end and so on, of all the streaming services and other devices, only Itunes is able to do this

Thank you

There is the Randomizer plugin, don’t know if it is what you are looking for?

Since the ‘infinity playback’ announcement I have often thought about putting an ‘ad nauseam’ button to the Randomizer plugin - switch it on and when it’s finished playing the random tracks or album it would load some more tracks / another album and carry on playing - ad nauseam!
The fact that I can just press the remote one more time to do the same job has pushed these thoughts well back on the to do list. When the sunny days disappear I’ll sit down and see if I can get it done (how hard can it be?) :grinning:
Maybe ‘Infinite Random’ would be a better name!