Sharing my new big boy Volumio set up with Pic and comments

Just wanted to share my new Volumio set up. Replacing SMSL SU-8s DAC & Audioengine HD4 powered speakers and this solution was very nice but wanted to see if I could do better. Also keeping the Cambridge Minx mico-sub and of course the PI.

New System:
Streamer: Pi4b streaming Volumio 3.X & USB into Amp
Amp: PSAudio Sprout 100
50WPC at 8ohms
ESS Sabre 9016 DAC

Speakers: KEF LS50Meta
Sub: Cambridge Audio Minx 2.1

Result: Nirvana!

Notes: Volumio instantly read the PSAudio DAC, calling it “PSU Audio USB 2.0.”
No hiccups thus far, as technically PSAudio does not support Linux. But they did something in recent builds and the partnership has been flawless.

No problems with DSD, even plays DSD with FUSION DSP plugin, which my other DACs could not do.
Also allows for Hardware control of the DAC volume.


nice setup :smiley:
and the ps audio sprout works without problems, as you recently asked.
I always follow the videos of ps audio, always very useful information.

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