Seriously, what is wrong with Volumio?

This is another clue to support the thesis that the culprit might be etcher

It reboots after a restart through volumio, but if I power off in volumio it won’t come back. That’s when I need to pull the card and go through the whole process again. I enabled SSH through volumio.local/dev but how do you use it as you’ve suggested? Thanks again for the help and sorry for the questions. This is completely new to me.

If you power off, you need to pull the power source and reconnect it.
Shutting down the rPi, sets the rPi in some kind of standby mode.
If you don’t add a reset switch, removing the power source is the only option to restart. (google for this)

Back again lol. So I shut it off using volumio, then unplugged it. Pwer3d it Back up and it came on. However there’s no radio stations that will play and no sound output for Spotify so I did a reset and it’s gone again. Have to pull the card and start from scratch. I don’t get it. Is there anything else like volumio that works and that’s app based? I know there’s web based options.

Out of ideas on this one.
Yes there are others, use Google. I am not sure if it is appropriate to mention other platforms/applications here. But some of them are pretty complex. Volumio is one of the easiest ones to get going.

maybe @volumio should step in for support.

It’s unfortunate because I really like the format but it’s so unstable. Any power loss or even a shutdown completely wipes it out. It’s pretty inconvenient to have to rewrite software almost every day. But thanks for your help

yeah, but what is happening with your rPi is far from normal. Sometimes rPi’s crashes caused by the SD, but with you its ridiculous.

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Yeah tell me about it. So I found out what went wrong. On the reboot or power cycle volumio loses the Digione Signature. I have to enable the DAC, then disable the DAC, go back into the playback menu and the signature reappears. It’s working again. That sounds like a software thing

Let’s see if the peeps from Volumio can help.

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Are you powering the Digione separately?
Can you send a log after you reboot and you loose the Digione?

That’s far from normal,so let’s see what causes it

Sure thing, I’ll do that tomorrow. I just powered down the Pi but left the clean side Digione Signature powered. Should they both be turned off together?

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That might be the root cause.
I suggest to power them down together and always power them up together.
Let us know

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This is untrue. For a power failure to affect even one file, it would need to be in the middle of a write during power failure. This will not corrupt the entire SD card! The file system is ext4 which is a properly journalled filesystem so it will survive a power failure when writing to multiple files (such as on a heavily used server). The idea of a system that runs entirely from RAM corrupting the SD card where it cant even be recognized is just silly. That isn’t going to come from a power failure.

I run picoreplayer on a battery powered device and it is shut off just by flipping the power off. During the build of the device it has had its power switched on and off at every random point imaginable with not a single bit of lost information.

It wont matter if you power up/down together. But if it powers up with the DAC off you may need a reboot since volumio doesnt handle USB device insertion. I have a workaround but volumio devs never bothered to implement it. Trying to power both on at once actually leads to a race condition. The DAC should be on and ready before the pi looks for it

For picoreplayer I wrote a complete hotplug server that pretty much lets you plug and unplug multiple usb audio devices. I can plug in a USB device with headphones and it will start playing on that device. Unplug it and it goes back to the main USB DAC.

yeah please dig into this before stating that something is not true. I am not talking about a single file, I am talking about the MBR or allocation/index table(s), during booting. I am pretty sure servers don’t use SD cards.
You should google it, only 500000+ hits, so yes it’s rare and it’s not happening and a big hoax.

You seem to ignore one thing: since Raspberry PI 1 (we’ve seen many…) the SD Card of PI is the most brittle part of the system, when the power supply is not adequate.

Reason is: if the internal voltage drops too much below 5V ± 0,25 volts, the SD Card has a high probability to loose data.
Want a proof?
Start your PI, then connect a very power hungry device to it, it will fail to restart after few times you do it (happened to me today with a PI running octoprint and a big LED lamp connected via USB).

The reason why I suggest to power both at the same time is that you might be triggering something funny in the communication (I2C) bus between the PI and the hat.
I’ve seen it happening quite often (when using a I2S DAC with external power and having left on). Hence my suggestion.

Last, people is helping you, this is not a competition where we try to be right, but just to help. If you don’t want to listen what people have to tell you, don’t bother to ask.

Aren’t you talking about an I2S DAC? What does it have to do with USB?

As you say, it’s a workaround, not a solution. That’s why it did not get in.

I rarely get irritated… this is one of such cases…

I just actually upgraded the power supply to a toroidal dual linear 5 volt 25 watt unit. I’ll see if this helps with my issue of dropping the Digione as a playback option on power cycles. Before I was using a a regular stock Pi supply and the USB 0.5 amp supply from my amp on the clean side. Now I’m sure I have enough stable power. It sounds better, I can tell you that. By the way, how do I grab log and when would I grab the log so you can see what’s happening on the boot up?

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Are you trying to say that the master boot record was in the process of being rewritten when you powered down? If so you have way more problems. The fat file system is the only one that has file allocation tables that might have been modified. That would mean the boot file system which isn’t even mounted during normal operation. If somebody else commented not having sufficient current on your power supply maybe an issue. I would look there before blaming power down and power up sequences that’s just not going to be the issue. But feel free to ignore my advice and continue looking in the wrong direction

No not i2s but USB DAC. One which is powered off when I switch away from that input. So basically it left me with a broken system that I had to reboot all the time. The work around at least allowed me to use the system without having to reboot.

I just wish support would get back to me so I can get a refund since I no longer use volumio at all. You guys basically took my money and ran!