Semi-Official Volumio 3 on NanoPi Neo2 and Neo3

very thanks for answer

New image 3.569 with Tidal Flac, see post #1

Hi gkkpch, I used with success NEO3 with external DAC i i2S but no master clock input. Now I would like to do some experiments by sending the clock from the outside, I think this lowers the jitter terribly. I have potentially seen master clock solutions online even with two different frequencies. How do I understand what type of frequency I need to send for correct operation in PCM? could I send for example a 16.9344 and be sure it works? 48MHz? do I have to change the clock depending on the resolution of the songs? for example coming from TIDAL streaming? thank you for your time.

There is nothing I can do to help, as you can see from post #1, images are released as-is. I will probably skip my support for the neo3/neo2 board soon as since a few months there are images from @nikkov with full myvolumio support, which have excellent flexibility when it comes to i2s maste/slave options.With my version, it is fixed.

thanks for your time and for the fast responce to my questions.

3.611 versions available
See Opening Post

3.629 versions available.
See Opening Post

Hi friends… new 3.666 release? this have some problems with tidal…

what problem?

it should not be the case

Version 3.703 available to OTA updaters, direct download links: