Same track, in mp3 and FLAC. How does Volumio choose which one to play?

Hello everyone,

I have a collection of tracks on a NAS on two shader folders. An mp3 folder and a FLAC folder. Half of my CD collection was only ripped to mp3 when I didn’t know better. Now, I only rip in FLAC which sounds way better on my HiFi sound system. And then I make out of it an mp3 version for a lower memory print for other devices. Therefore, a lot of tracks are in both formats.

Both folders are mapped in Volumio. If I browse my music through the “Music library”, I can choose exactly what I want to listen to and in which format. No problem there.

When I browse by “Genre”, I then only see one instance of an Album, even if I have it in both formats. It could be a very good behavior as it always seems to pick the FLAC version (as show in the added format logo on the art cover). The problem is, when I then hit Play on a track, Volumio plays the mp3 version (again, as show in the added format logo).

What are the algorithms behind this? Can I impose to always play the higher format? Is the order of Network Drives mount significant when I Update or Rescan the collection?

Any idea? Thanks in advance for your help!