RFID reader add on for Volumio

I have been tinkering with a RFID reader add on for Volumio. The reader is a USB device and despite thinking there was already some projects that already did this I haven’t managed to find anything despite extensive searches. There are a few posts but these don’t use a USB reader and also are not very detailed for a beginner.

I have managed to get it working from a python script running on Windows (using a REST API call) but have no idea how to integrate this into my raspberry Pi and volumio direct.

The device does work when plugged into the raspberry PI and I can see it reads the RFID tag code as if it was typed on a keyboard.

Is it possible to have this python script running in the background? just not sure how the interaction with volumio GUI is going to affect this (I have a 7" screen).


Using Rest Api on Windows to your pi i use rainmeter to send the commands.
( It is also possible to send it with a stream deck )

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Sorry to be clearer it works fine when the RFID reader is plugged into my windows laptop (it communicates remotely and plays the correct album on Volumio installed on my raspberry PI), I just need some advice about using the RFID reader from my raspberry PI. Just not sure how to install the python code so that it runs in the background and recognizes when a card has been placed on the reader.

Oké l Will ask Some one who has build a simulair build… hold on.
@chasquiwan Hi David can you give him Some advice how to build it.

Here you can find his build :

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Hi dvo, hi mattiusb,

The RFID device that I am using is a pretty standard one and this interacts with the raspberryPi via SPI. I have chosen this one because there are already some nodejs libraries available. Unfortunately I have no experience with an USB RFID reader setup.

oke tnx any way for your reply :slight_smile: