Removing attached drive to correct tag and file info cause file duplication when re-attached

Because Volumio doesn’t have any built-in ability to edit the song information (please let me know if I am wrong on this) I have to remove my attached drive from my RPi to edit the file or tag information on another computer.

When I re-attach my drive, Volumio seems to duplicate files after asking it to rescan my drive - as it doesn’t seem to see the drive that has been re-attached otherwise.

Not sure I am doing this correctly as new to Volumio on my RPi. Not sure how to get Volumio to redo the index again. Should I get it to update again or rescan again, but each time it seems to be duplicating files. Weird. I have 4 copies of some files now.

For your particular scenario I would advice to rescan when you remove the drive, then rescan when you reattach it.

Let me know if that works

It doesn’t seem to help.
In fact, after doing this I seem to now have 3 versions of the file showing up, however, there is only one file. So it does appear to be an indexing issue.

I thought I had solved it by removing the drive, deleting the files, reattaching, rebooting and then rescanning. But it hasn’t.
What is weird is that after checking all the folders, files and tags are correct (using MP3Tag manager to update any tag information) I still have several cases where I have old files that have been deleted showing up or duplicate files.
It is weird because the file isn’t there, at least not in the folders when I check when the drive is attached to my laptop, yet Volumio seems to find it AND PLAY IT! How can that be, it is deleted?

Is there a way to see what filename is associated with a track Volumio is displaying? That might help me solve this mystery. Thanks for the help.

As the drive was originally created on a MacBook I wondered if the .DS_Store files could be causing the problem, so I removed all those files but the duplicate file problem still exists

I’m having the same problem. Now up to four iterations of most song files when viewing on UI. Seems to add another each time I update anything on ssd. Music files on the ssd (1t ExFat drive) have been cleaned and reviewed with Bliss. No duplicate genres, tags up to date from what I can see.