Recommended Plugins for Volumio -- Question from a Newbie

Greetings!!! Everyone

I am a newbie… trying to get my way around volumio.

Other than the plugin for your music services, what are the other recommended plugins we should install ? ( under System Tools/Hardware Audio/User interfaces).

Thanks in advance for your help/support

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I really like the CPU shield plugin. Be sure you read the advise from the OP for the optimal Settings

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If you have a screen attached, Touch Display to get it working and Now Playing to completely customise the layouts.

Thank you @Vennesch Where can I find the CPU Shield Plugin?

Plugins/System Hardware

Thank you @SimonE I am searching through the System Hardware plugins and below is what i can see; CPU Shield is included in any of this ?

→ Amplifier Switch
→ Audiophonics Evo Sabre
→ Audiophonics ON/OFF
→ GPIO Buttons
→ GPIO Control
→ IR Remote Controller
→ IR Activity LED
→ Music Services Shield
→ Volumio Onkyo Control
→ Pirate Audio
→ RemotePi
→ Rotary Encoder II
→ SerialAmp Control

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Yes, it’s called Music Services Shield.

As @Vennesch said, please check this thread for advice on how to configure it.

I am currently testing with the setting as shown… using rpi4 8GB / I am using SpotifyConnect

Thanks for all the support guys @SimonE @Vennesch . You guys ROCKS!!!

I won’t enter the debate about shield… Bit Spotify doesn’t use MPd…

Thank you @balbuze . So I should disable MPD since I am using SpoitfyConnect. ??

No, but don’t expect hearable effect in this case