Re-using some old equipment

Not too much DIY but here is a player I put together, from old equipment, to use in the kitchen

The computer is an underpowered Acer Aspire One AOA110 Atom-based netbook from 2008. I have installed Volumio on its 8Gb “SSD”, which is the netbook’s only storage.

The speakers come from a Panasonic RX-C32 portable stereo … f-copy.jpg

I have been using the stereo for thirty years, but the auxilliary input broke recently. I don’t use the cassette player or radio any more, and so I decided to replace the central unit with a dedicated amp. The speakers are 5 W and 3 Ohm, and I found the following PAM8406 2 x 6W Amp for 2.24 euros

I made a little wooden box for the amp, and power it with an old 2A USB charger. The speakers sound better with the new amp, and the system is fine for listening to some chart music while cooking or washing up.


What a great little system, and making use of older equipment rather than throwing it out and filling landfill sites.