Raspberry Pi - Hardware Requirements

I would like to know what is the minimum supported Raspberry Pi Board required to run Latest version of Volumio ?


i dont know the minimum requierements but in my case it works on pi zero w.


It will run on all the RPis, but it is hard work on the original. Rpi0 is surprisingly good, but you get an increasingly smooth experience as you increase the power through to the latest versions.

Thanks. I will try a Zero W I think.

@AxLED, what DAC / HAT do you use with your pi zero w ?

@schliden While the Raspi0 will work, it won’t be the smoothest experience today. If you don’t already have one, and are buying a board specific for Volumio, I recommend looking at more powerful options…

Actually, the current versions of Volumio do not work on the RPi 4 8GB model, including v2.779.

The test/“bunker” build (v3.008-2020-05-23) does work on the 8GB model but is missing things like Tidal and Qobuz.

8Gigs is overkill for a network music streamer IMO. Sure, Volumio is based on Nodejs which may not be the most memory efficient platform, but still 8Gigs is quite a lot!

It’s true that 8GB might be overkill at this time for Volumio, but hardware requirements will change in 2-4 years. Especially if the RPi becomes more evolved than the source code allowed for previously.

Plus, I’m a typical early adopter who just opted for the latest shiny thing. It’ll be equivalent to the 1GB model in 2 years.

i use this one: https://shop.pimoroni.de/products/pirate-audio-3w-stereo-amp


This one will be a nice option too :wink: