Radio Paradise FLAC Playback


First post on the forum and looking for some guidance regarding Radio Paradise FLAC playback.

I’ve only started listening to Paradise over the last week or so… for the first few days, the stream seemed fine, but since then, whenever I start the stream, it plays fine for a short while (Between 5 and 15 minutes) and then the audio drops… The volumio interface suggests that the stream is still playing , because the play time of the track keeps advancing and cover art updates when the next track starts, but there is no audio.

The Radio Paradise 320K stream plays perfectly, with no dropping of audio.

This does not appear to be some random dropout thing, related to internet connection speed and I do not get any drop outs when playing local flac files over my home network at cd quaiity and higher.

I’m running volumio on an RPi 3 with Allo Digi One board. Connection between Pi and my Router is wired …
Running speed tests on internet connection, using and, indicates that my connection speed is regularly in excess of 100Mbps.

Any ideas on a potential cause…?

I have the same problem, I suppose it is an error of RP and not of the plugin, I will see to prove if in LMS it also works badly.
I reported it here:

I’m also having the same issue, shame, working great otherwise. Let’s hope there’s a solution…

Sorry, I should have followed the link above before I posted. Doh. Looks like some progress has been made, I’ll try the fix when I get a chance and see if it works for me.

I also have the same Paradise Flac dropout issue. I am running 2.565 on Ethernet connection Pi 2B+ in the kitchen and most days it will repeatedly drop audio within 5-15 mins whilst the display carries on silently. I recently re-installed the RP plugin and found a new range of choices IE FLAC: main mix, mellow mix, rock and groovy and the same 4 mixes repeated in 320K AAC. all 8 of these links now suffer from audio dropout whilst the AAC 320k old link was fine. I have noticed that on occasion another pc on the wired network would seem to instigate (or coincide with) the dropout when a download or browser page was started.

I have a Pi zeroW running volumio 2.565 in an upstairs room on wifi and this very very rarely drops out of RP flac. Thinking it might be a ethernet network issue i installed an usb N adaptor to the kitchen Pi find no improvement or change.

All of this is a shame as i listen to more Radio paradise than anything else including Nas based Flac files.