Quality of Tidal Hi Fi via MyVolumio v Airplay

This is just a question.

My set up is Raspberry 3i P B+, Allo Boss DAC, Volumio v2.526

I play Tidal Hi Fi tracks (44.1 KHZ/16 bit) using MyVolumio. I can play the exact same tracks using the Tidal app on iPad and listen on my Volumio setup using Airplay.

Should there be any difference in sound Quality? I can’t detect any difference.

On paper TIDAL with MyVolumio should sound better, because it’s retrieved directly from TIDAL servers.
Airplay is limited to 44.1 always

Does Airplay process or decode the Tidal data in some way, or is it just another point which the basic data has to pass through on the network before it is sent to the Raspberry/DAC?

I’m still not clear on this. Are there any contributors who can explain?

Why would a Tidal 44.1 KHZ/16 bit track via Airplay into Raspberry/Allo Boss DAC sound any different to the exact same 44.1 KHZ/16 bit track directly from Tidal?

Is it something to do with additional signal paths or processing.