Qobuz skipping to the next track early

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem with Qobuz on Volumio Primo HIFI. Of course, with this device I don’t want to install different OS/SW. I guess we will get a solution by Volumio with one of the next updates…
@volumio is there any planned actions on this issue?

I’ve experienced that several times.
If I repeat the aborted track, the error no longer occurs. Yes, it’s true, it’s often inappropriate …

Dear Matteo,

are you in Qobuz trial period?
Can you please send me a log link to techsupport at volumio dot org?

To save log:
Go to IPofVOLUMIO/dev (i.e.–>send log–>copy html link to clipboard and send it to me



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Done. Many thanks.

Look at: