Qobuz "Error No Result"

Hi @Wheaten any news that the issue is fixed now ?

Yes issue has been fixed. Load is back to normal again.

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So strange …
I was listening radio until now ? Switched to qobuz . Press play on a playlist ? Music is stopped but qobuz song is not switched fed on my display neither the music is started …

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I can see that you’re still loading a broken playlist (tracks that does not exist or renamed by Qobuz). Not sure if that is causing issues, but it’s being followed by index errors, when you try to play.
Just repeating opening the same playlist, will not solve the problem, as you’re loading a locally cached playlist.
Can you just open a CD (on Qobuz offcoarse) and check if it is working?

@volumio Any thoughts?

Thanks ,
I will reflash now and try to load qobuz oficial playlist … that was a public playlist from a friend … I guess it has been converted to qobuz but why Volumio gets stucked ?
If I play the playlist from qobuz app it is ok … but except for the songs that are not available

This might be the reason. If a song is not available then probably the whole playlist fails to load.
Would you mind sharing with us this playlist so we replicate the issue and possibly fix it?

Of course , it will be great if you will fix it .


@volumio, How to reproduce.

  • Load the playlist.
  • Press play (first time load, tracks start playing)
  • Skip to next song
  • Clear queue
  • Go back to myplaylist
  • Select the same list
  • Silence
info: Preload queue cleared
info: Preloading song: qobuz://song/68115566
info: Preloading song: qobuz://song/147258220
info: Preloading song: qobuz://song/45272819
info: Exploding uri qobuz://song/68115566 in service qobuz
info: Exploding uri qobuz://song/147258220 in service qobuz
info: Exploding uri qobuz://song/45272819 in service qobuz
info: explodeUri took 370 milliseconds
error: Commandrouter: Cannot explode uri qobuz://song/68115566 from service qobuz:
info: explodeUri took 342 milliseconds
error: Commandrouter: Cannot explode uri qobuz://song/147258220 from service qobuz:
info: explodeUri took 427 milliseconds
error: Commandrouter: Cannot explode uri qobuz://song/45272819 from service qobuz:
info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioNext
info: CoreStateMachine::next
info: ControllerMpd::next

exception: Not playing

And a consequent track offset, clicked on Pink Panther.

Or even an easier way, seems the indexes are 1 off, so pressing the top play button, no track will start and no other track can be started within the playlist:

info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPlay
info: CoreStateMachine::play index 0
info: CoreStateMachine::setConsumeUpdateService undefined
info: CoreStateMachine::stop
info: CoreStateMachine::setConsumeUpdateService undefined
info: CoreStateMachine::play index undefined
info: CoreStateMachine::setConsumeUpdateService undefined
info: CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0
info: CoreStateMachine::startPlaybackTimer
info: CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0
info: [1670863199104] ControllerQobuz::clearAddPlayTrack

Thanks! @mervinio do you think the issue lies in the caching?

Hi ,
Any feedback here , please . Indeed, I have reflashed and the experience is ok now , except that playlist

This is on our TODO list. We will update when solved, but won’t be soon.

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For the waiting time, if you select the first track from the list, instead of the top play button, this list will play. (only the first track will be missed)

Thanks @Wheaten , I will not press anymore the top play button .