python getQueue doesn't receive

I’m trying to get the queue via the websocket in python.
getstate and everything else works perfectly, but i get nothing back from getQueue.
here is the part of the code:

def on_push_state(*args): print args socketIO.emit('getQueue', on_push_state)

in the log file i see:

[1510764504430] ---------------------------- Client requests Volumio queue 2017-11-15T16:48:24.441Z - info: [1510764504439] InterfaceWebUI::pushQueue 2017-11-15T16:48:24.519Z - info: [1510764504507] ------------------------------ 120ms

so i guess that the request works, but there appears to be no answer.
any guesses what the problem is?

thanks a lot.

You need to listen to the



thank you soooo much!!!

Have you maybe figured out how to add files to the queue via socketio in python? I just cannot seem to get it working.