Project with PeppyMeter Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO v2.9xx and 3.0xx buster

this one

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Many thanks, we can try now :+1:

Hi 2acd,
I have observed that if i set screensaver timeout to 0, the meters are not started - - ok-- this is the behaviour I have wanted but the display does not enter in screensaver mode - - to turnoff the display–.when music is stopped.
The display is turned off only if screenasaver is different then 0 - - meters are started - -.
This is the intensed behaviour?

Hi Lintbf,
I’m almost ready with the PeppyMeter-Screensaver as Volumio-Plugin. Then you can disable the screensaver independed from TouchScreen-Screensaver.
Best regards 2aCD

Hi Together I’m now ready with the PeppyScreensaver as Volumio-Plugin.
It is working for both Versions of Volumio (Standard 2.x and Buster 3.x)

Please download from here:
Post 7

Have you install a manually version before, please start from a new image with installed TouchScreen-Plugin.

Best regards

Hi 2acd,
There is no other option then to instalk the plugin on a fresh image on buster?. I have to many manually compiled plugins.

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the best way is a new image but what you can do for Buster are the follow steps:

  • remove snd-dummy entries, look in:


  • remove mkfifo entry in one of this files:


  • remove the audio_output section with mpd_peppyasla from MPD template


audio_output {
        type        "alsa"
        name        "mpd_peppyalsa"
        device      "mpd_peppyalsa"
        dop         "yes"
  • delete the asound tmpl file


  • revert TouchScreen plugin to original, put this files to:

/data/plugins/miscellanea/touch_display (only for buster) (19.2 KB)
please look if the TouchScreen settings working after reboot

Please check after reboot if all sound is working (in spotify-plugin the outputdevice can still to peppyalsa, if you have set it)

  • at last delete in /home/volumio


Now you are ready to install the new plugin. Copy it to a subfolder in /home/volumio and install it from here. The installation destination is then


The touchscreen plugin is not more changed.
I hope that works
best regards

Hi 2aCD,
Thanks very much for this new plugin. It works perfectly and installation is so easy, and much faster than before! A big thumb up!
However, I encounter a problem which I don’t know whether I should ask it here. Anyway, I just present it here and hope that somebody can give me a hand. Thanks in advance!

The plugin works fine when I use the Boss dac card, but it only works partially when I use the Boss 2 card. The Boss 2 card is a bit different than the Boss card that it has an OLED display which runs on python2.7 and there is a joystick switch which one can use it to control the volume up and down of Volumio. I think the culprit is here.

If I install the Boss2 OLED python first and then the peppy_screen saver, installation will be successful, the OLED and the volume control joystick work correctly, but the needle on the peppy meter won’t move. If I install the peppy_screensaver first and then the OLED python, still the installation will be successful, but the OLED display won’t light up and no control for volume with the joystick at all. So, obviously there is software conflict.
The command lines in the /etc/rc.local are as follows if it can be of some help:

/sbin/modprobe snd-dummy index=7 pcm_substreams=1
sudo python /opt/boss2_oled/ &
exit 0

I am too ignorant on python and linux. So, if somebody is using Boss2 with volumio + this screensaver together successfully or who can give some help on my situation, I will give him my most sincere thank you.

how can i install the peppymeter on my raspberry pi 4 official 7" display? i think it’s 800x400

Hi Pa21,
that sound a little bit difficult. But give me at first a hint which Volumio version do you use.

Hi @usrslashvolumio,
it works also with 800x400 Raspberry display. Please install the Plugin from Post 7

@2aCD first of all thanks for this nice plugin and the work you put into it all looks nice :+1:

only have a problem is that the needle does not move with spotify connect2, the needle does move with local radio stations.
did the installation with a new buster beta image and the latest plugin from your according to post 7.
I used touch_display_1_2_1Busterbeta as touchscreen, and volspotconnect2.

run it on a raspberry pi 4b, khadas tone1 and dsi 4.3 inch 800x400 touchscreen.

Hi michel8166,
for spotify I have create separat entrypoint in alsa.conf from peppymeter. Please search the template from volspotconnect2. I think its placed in:
replace in section output

device = '${outdevice}'


device = 'peppyalsa'

Then change the mixertype or outputdevice to another value and revert it back to create a new config file from templ.

I think that should work
Best regards

This shoud work also with manually installed version?

IMHO, this is not the good approach for volspotconnect2 in Buster. You’d rather use volspotconnect2-buster :wink:

thanks, this was the trick, it works now :smile:

i’m using 2.907. i installed it yesterday. do i need to change to buster in order for this to work?

No it’s also working with 2.907

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Yes, the alsa configuration is the same in plugin and manually installation.

EDIT: happy to report that after setting up all the plugin settings, i have no more mpd_alsa error yay!
however, my PeppyMeter directory seems to be empty, i only have custom_800 in it. and so i couldn’t run volumio_peppymeter. also crontab command is not found. but important thing is the screensaver comes on.

I installed with the plugin in step 4. Now tidal connect cannot play more than one song. After the song it will move to the next song but will keep loading, or the scubber will move but no sound comes out.

If I try to play directly from the pi (not via Connect) I get the mpd_alsa error. Even changing the playback options mixer options to software and back to hardware doesn’t fix this.