Project with PeppyMeter/PeppySpectrum Screensaver Plugin for VOLUMIO

I think the first and second point is possible. The third point I’ll check.

Hi Aiello
I have to see how the dsp plugin works to be able to say whether both plugins can be used at the same time.

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OK, thank you for the info. Next question: is it possible to add a mask (.fgr) for the entire screen? To cover e.g. cdcover ( photo in a circle, rhombus or square with rounded corners)?

Welcome back! It would be awesome if this could be launched as an official plugin :pray:



Hi …Im new here …
I was looking a spectrum skin for 1480x320.(waveshare 11.9")
I couldnt find that.

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Hi, this is a thread about Peppymeter. Peppyspectrum has a separate thread: PeppySpectrum - The plugin!
There is no resolution for this yet, but it will be…

Hi Gelo5, step by step, not to fast :wink:
Yes theoretical it is possible to add a new layer with a mask for albumart. You need then a separate png with transparency.
I have note that to my list.


I have check out the problem between peppy screen and fusionDSP and find the reason and solution.
I’ll publish it with the next beta.


This has accumulated due to your absence. I have a few more but… step by step, not to fast
Just one more: Peppymeter + Peppyspectrum (Sorry)

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  • Abilty to activate Peppy via GPIO, so you can use a button to switch between “Now playing” or Peppy :slight_smile:
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wowww :slight_smile: Brilliant; many thanks

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That’s really good news, I´ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Thanks for all your work with this plugin!

Don’t forget to thank for @peppy.player. It is his work that is used for the plugin! Without Peppymeter, peppy alsa… there would be no peppyscreen saver.


Thanks to @2aCD , @peppy.player , @Gelo5 for a wonderful and fun PeppyMeter Screensaver project. I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you… many thanks guys :slight_smile:

Of course you are right about that. There are many people who should be thanked for all the work done in their spare time. Without them, this plugin would not exist. So a big thank you to all of you who made it possible.
To mention a few: @2aCD @peppy.player @Gelo5 @Wheaten and others. You know who you are.

Have a nice day!


Guys!! This post should be on top of everything!!! I’ve been struggling to install Peppy via the old ways on a new PI (with no luck) and then I read this post and it’s a 10-minute install with actually doing nothing!

I’m serious about placing this post on top, especially for newbies!


Links expire on January 27 - 2024

in this version, skins are loaded to:


Hi together,

peppy-screensaver Beta is updated to Version 1.3.9

on Post 7

Whats new:

  • now compatibel with fusionDSP
  • add new random mode to change meters randomly, when a new song begins
  • add new optional config entries in meter.txt
    for separate color:
    * playinfo.title.color
    • playinfo.artist.color
    • playinfo.album.color
      for separate maxwidth:
    • playinfo.title.maxwidth
    • playinfo.artist.maxwidth
    • playinfo.album.maxwidth
      for separate aligment of title, artist, album and the rest
  • add the possibility to use a masked albumart with a grayscaled jpg image
  • fix missing pictures in last beta (1.3.8) for filetype (mp3, flac, tidal…)

please unistall the previous version before you start a new installation

you find samples for the new entries in my meters.txt.

  • gold - for new center, maxwidth entries
  • crystal - new color entries
  • dash2 - new mask
  • red - mask entry for a transparent mask (disabled at time)

All new entries are optional, old styles without them also working
For mask please use grayscaled images with the same dimensions as defined for albumart in meters.txt, otherwise they are scaled. Also RGB images are supported but a translation and scaling needs time, therfore it’s better, the mask have a correct dimension and 8bit grayscale.

best regards