[PLUGIN] YouTube2

@patrickkfkan you added a new feature to the plugin that it auto add songs to the end of the,
playlist if you forget to switch it off you will end up with a error 429 ( to many requests ) and
yt will shut you down for it… ( i have it like that at the moment and can’t test anymore )

Oke, thanks, which version work, I try on 2.873x86, but it hangs on:

"Compressing the plugin
Plugin succesfully compressed
Progress: 10
Status :Downloading plugin … "

just wait till the new beta is released and try that one
it will be released this weekend …

yes, but please note, x86 still won’t have plugins, we’re working on it.
This can take a few versions before it is ready.

Hi, which version of x86 debian buster image?!

None, support has been stopped for pre-beta versions!!!
Please have a look at the new versions and the mandatory way to report issues.

@dvo, the Autoplay feature shouldn’t trigger the 429 error. It only sends a request for the next track when the current one ends. I have been able to play for more than 2 days non-stop (and it would have kept going if I didn’t stop it). On the other hand, it is possible you would encounter 429 when you try to play a really long playlist of YouTube tracks…

@ikap60, how long did you wait before concluding that the installation froze? I usually allow up to 10-15 minutes especially when running Volumio off a USB stick.

@patrickkfkan i let it run for a few days without shut it down and the playlists ain’t so long only 20 songs and the other one i have is 40 songs long

and the release of ikap60 is not supported release a test release not the beta release of this weekend it should not bean used for plugin’s ect.
now i have to wait till it’s released again…

3-3 update: error 429 is gone i can use yt2 plugin again…

I tried it several times, it lasts for an hour or two, until I stop it! About 20 days ago, I managed to install the plugin on an older version, which is not a beta, before 2,873x86, but I forgot which one is, due to the update and the booster versions ?!

I have a Youtube Music Subscription. I am able to play my playlist, but I have not understood how to search for a specific album insite Youtube Music Library, or acces to My Music section. Many Thanks in advance

if you use the google api you could use the playlist of youtube.
but don’t know if it’s using the youtube subsciption i don’t think so …
so far i know … @marcolino7 @patrickkfkan

I use Google API, and I can see and play Playlists created with subscription plan. I would like to know if it is possible to use YT plugin as TIDAL Plugin, so searching on all Youtube Music library

you can use the search bar in volumio to search youtube and the youtube plugin is
not under subscription so it’s not a plugin like that.
tidal plugin is a subscription based plugin…
i don’t use it so i can’t comment on that…

I have subscribed to YT music, I pay a montly fee to have access to all music library of YT Music, perhaps is possible to access libraries using API

we have to ask the creator if that is a option in the api so here by @patrickkfkan
maybe you can get a clear anwser for that…

Hello @marcolino7,

To my understanding, the YouTube API does not actually allow you to access your Library, let alone search for stuff in it. I remember this having been mentioned before, and requests to expand the API have been made to Google by other developers quite some time ago. But all Google has done is remove useful features from the API instead of adding things to it :frowning:


hi @patrickkfkan
If I search an album contained in my library does not show:

If I search “Brothers in Arm”:


I got “Youtube Channel”, “youtube Playlist” and “Youtube Videos”, I do not get the album contained in My Library.

As I said:

This means the plugin cannot do what you want, until some other way is found…

@patrickkfkan thanks, now it is clear.