[PLUGIN] Virtual Keyboard

The plugin uses “matchbox-keyboard” along with the “matchbox-window-manager” to provide an onscreen keyboard which can be useful especially when the only input device is a touchscreen. It requires the Touch Display plugin to be installed.

From the configuration page of the plugin a keyboard layout can be chosen. The plugin currently provides keyboard layouts only for some languages but custom keyboards can be built. To be accessible by the plugin keyboard layout files need to be saved in “/data/plugins/miscellanea/virtual_keyboard/layouts/name of the language/keyboard.xml”. “name of the language” should be descriptive like “English - UK” as this will appear as an entry in the list box on the configuration page of the plugin. If multiple keyboard variants for the same language are desired each variants’ “keyboard.xml” needs its separate folder.

Note: The plugin currently does not work on Volumio 3.

HI all,
is there any update regarding a virtual keyboard for volumio3?
Touch display works great, but without a virtual keyboard to do some search activities you really need this.

Many thanks
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Does Someone know where the code repository is for this plugin?

And why it does not work with volumio v3?

the new chromium kisk doesn’t support a virtual keyboard. Pi Touchscreen Plug in no longer works on Volumio 3 - #8 by gvolt

@gvolt is still looking in to it perhaps in the future a solution,
For now it’s not possible.

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New on volumio, I have RPI 3 + tactil screen. Now I would like to have a virtual keboard to do searches.

Is that available and how to proceed to install it. I did not find it in the plugins list of the volumio V3.

Your support will be appreciated.


If you read the posts above yours you have the answer :wink:

@Wolfman74 if you do refer to the above : "The best I got is this. Connect a keyboard to your system and press ALT+HOME. This will open the Chromium browser. ", I do not want to use it on chrome, but on the tactil screen.

May be there is a misunderstanding. No ?

There is no support in Volumio 3 due to chromium kiosk mode does not support virtual keyboard.

There is a workaround as described by Wheaten.

this is what I understood. So that could be great to convince the volumio team to help into the migration of the keyboard plugin. if at each upgrade we have risk to lose features without alternatives this is not cool at all.

They can’t migrate something that there is no support for.

This is the Chromium that is referred to Chromium

You’re indeed misunderstanding.

If you use a LCD with your volumio device, the touch display plugin runs on chromium.
My work around enables a touchscreen (chromium plugin).

sure ! so this is a feature to add to the pluggin.

Sorry, I am not in the mood to get involved in these kind of discussions.

You want a touch screen keyboard, there is one as chromium plugin that does the trick. Since chromium is already a part of the system, it’s a perfect work around as there will be no plugin simply because there is no binary for it.

hum, the user interface on the tactil screen is running on the RPI 3 uses chromium, it is obvious ! as it is web apps. I see.

I have to read again your post. well done