[PLUGIN] Touch Display

If you mean the display’s controller possibly being faulty - that would be my suspicion, too. Maybe also try reseating the DSI cable. If you should have some spare DSI cable swap out the current one to rule out a cable defect.

changed DSI cables (so I assumed I also reseated it in the process) and no luck, still ‘dimmed-off’ when screensaver timeout is hit.

so… any ideas? Ask WaveShare to fix their shizz :smiley: ?

The following should not be done by user, but for testing purposes you could open /boot/userconfig.txt with

sudo nano /boot/userconfig.txt

and comment out the line


so it reads


This assumes you have set rotation to 90 deg. from the plugin’s config page.

Save the file by hitting Ctrl+x, y and Enter. Then reboot.

Commenting out the specified line should make no difference for this kind of display, but I would be interested if that holds true for this particular display. If the behaviour does not change (which would be the expected outcome) revert /boot/userconfig.txt to its original state.

In case you should have a Pi 3, you could also test if the display behaves better on it.

I wouldn’t dare to predict how effective that would be…

yup, you are correct that it did nothing - ‘dim-off’ state still.

I do have a Pi 3 but it’s currently embedded into my household Volumio music server, so I don’t really want to pull that apart unless I had to.

maybe I’ll send off an email to WaveShare - worse the could do is to NOT reply I guess… not sure if they can do anything or would want to, but they did do a guide on how to work with their (HDMI) screens and Volumio, so they might be interested?

In the mean time, if you do have any other ideas, I’m game to try - worse-come-to-worse, I’d just re-flash it again and copy all my music back to it…

thx for the help so far!

I have the same wave share 4.3 dsi touchscreen and no problem, i am running volumio beta 3 at the moment but with fresh version 2 i had no problem dimming the screen or completely off after a while.
@gvolt we found out recently that there were probably two different versions of it, maybe it has to do with that.

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@michel8166 Thanks for chiming in and I remember.

Some information about the different PCBs can be found in the link @michel8166 posted and in the following post where the probably older version is shown.

from what I can see, mine is also the same version as michel8166’s - it has the same layout and ‘added stuff’ to the back of the board on his pic in the linked thread.

@michel8166 - the orientation of your screen in your (very nice, btw) project is in the horizontal / 0 degree rotation, which also works on mine too. However, my project has it in the vertical / 90 degree rotation, which does not seem to work.

rendering of my headphone amp project (as mine is currently disassembled again due to this issue)

@michel8166 Do you have a chance to test if the screensaver still works with the display rotated by 90 deg.?

set to 90 degrees and now the problem is also present, it does not turn off, the screen flickers 2x briefly, so it does make an attempt to go out, but it does not go through.

by the way the touch is at 90 degrees outline.

okay, so it’s not just me / mine :smiley: - misery loves company, I guess…

Looks great :+1:

Thanks for testing!

Too bad… So although the display uses the same driver as the original Raspberry Pi Foundation Touchscreen it obviously behaves differently. The difference in behaviour is the more annoying as there doesn’t seem to be a way to distinguish one from the other by software.

I also tried 270 degrees, same problem. then there is indeed a difference compared to the Raspberry Pi Foundation touchscreen.

It would be interesting for me to know if this also applies to the Pi 3, which has different video hardware than the Pi 4.

I can test this if you want but not before tonight.

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That would be great.

got to test it a little earlier.

okay a fresh install of volumio2 on a raspberry pi 3b version 1.2.
touchscreen set to 90 degrees and 20 seconds timeout and no screensaver on.

and here also the same problem after 20 seconds the screen dims slightly also at 270 degrees it does not work.

only difference is that now the touch is good.

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Thank you very much for your effort!

So at least the display behaves similarly “wrong” on Pi3 and Pi4 if rotation is set to 90 deg. (270 deg. will be no different) when the screen should enter DPMS mode “off”…

Although I don’t expect this to be a solution, but while you’re at it: Could you increase GPU mem to e.g. 64MB and check if it makes a difference?

set it to 64mb and it makes no difference.

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Thank you, this confirms my expectation.