[PLUGIN] NanoSound CD plugin

After a few weeks of beta testing, our NanoSound CD plug-in is now ready released!


  • Works with any Audio DAC or internal sound device supported by volumio
  • Works and tested with Raspberry Pi and Asus Tinker board (It should work with other volumio platforms, let us know if you have tested them)
  • CD Playback with up to 4x upsampling (44.1 to 176.4khz)
  • Choice of 4x, 2x and no upsampling for improved audio quality
  • Lossless WAV or FLAC audio extraction with AccurateRip support to ensure extracted files are bit perfect!
  • Auto download and tagging of album info
  • Multi-language support
  • Save to Internal, or NAS or USB drive
  • Fully integrated with Volumio

Follow instructions here to download and install: https://nanomesher.com/nanosound-cd-support/

The free version has all the playback functions with no upsampling. If you like it and would like to upgrade to upsampling and audio extraction features. Please consider upgrade to the full version https://nanomesher.com/nanosoundcd

Hi first of all thank you for sharing this plugin for free with the Volumio community. I tried it out and it works great the CDs play with no skipping and sounds great.

Since this is the first release I hope you are open to some feedback.
One question/comment is that with this plugin my CD drive spins at full speed which is quite fast and I can hear the drive over the music quite easily. I’m curious if this is my drive specifically or if others have experienced it. I know that geeks-r-us had implemented a speed setting in his CD player plugin so it may be possiblehere too.


Dear Nanomesher,
I have problems with your CD plugin, version Feb 27th:
My setup: RPI 3B (no +), Hifiberry DAC plus standard, Volumio 2.555
Settings „IS2 DAC“ and „Hifiberry DAC plus“ are activated.
When I’m playing music from Internet radio or files from USB-stick the music comes through RCA to the amp and the sound is good. The Audio jack output is off.
When I’m playing music from CD the RCA output is off but the Audio jack output is working.
I have tested 3 different DVD-drives, all with separate USB power supply. All have the same phenomenon.
Any idea? With kind regards Tilmann

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HI, can you try the “Auto reconfig audio” function under NanoSound CD settings and then reboot. It should choose the right audio output.

If still not working, can you send us the output of these:

cat /etc/asound.conf
cat /proc/asound/modules
cat /proc/asound/cards
aplay -l


Hi , glad you like NanoSound CD! We don’t notice the spinning issue in the driver that we use so far.

As a test, can you please try to run these commands to slow down before playing with NanoSound CD?

sudo apt-get install eject

eject -x 2 /dev/cdrom

let us know how it goes, thanks.

Dear Nanomesher,
thank you for your detailed reply. Most likely is was my fault. I changed the format extraction into “wav” and surprise - now it works properly. I have no idea why wrong format had that impact, but thank you for this excellent plugin. My next step is the test run of your full version.
With regards Tilmann


This is strange indeed. We suspect previous settings wasn’t saved properly for some reason.

Glad it works now! thank you for the support.


I tried the plugin by using an Apple USB SuperDrive which didn’t work at all until I searched the internet to find out that it’s only working in Apple’s devices (so it’s not nothing to do with the plugin). Thankfully I found a site which helped me to get the Apple CD drive working. The plugin seems to work BUT it’s missing an important feature (or I didn’t find it). Is there any other way to get the CD ejected than running the eject command from the console? That’s not very convenient as Apple USB SuperDrive doesn’t have any buttons at all, so there is no easy and simple way to eject the CD :slight_smile: I’d be happily paying for the full version of the plugin but this is a feature I’d like to have. Is the eject function included in the Full version of the plugin? What would be also nice is to have the Apple USB SuperDrive “included” in the plugin, so whenever there’s a need to reinstall the system, just installing the plugin you’d get the Apple CD drive working without any hassle.

Hi Hyako, Hi Nanomesher team,

I don’t know what is required to be installed to use that special Apple drive. Maybe you can tell us a bit more what you had to do to get it running.

Anyway - i also would like to have an eject button as it shouldn’t be too much effort to implement it.
Also a cancel button for the extraction process would be very helpful…

Best Regards

Hi NanoSound devs,

I just installed your free plugin and it does work wonderfully. Thanks for your work!
I am using an LG usb drive called Slim Portable DVD Writer (Model GP65NB60).

For reducing install time, you may consider using the apt-get parameter –no-install-recommends as I feel some packages are not needed (i recall reading SANE libraries for example).

Thank you!

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The eject function has been added to the latest version of NanoSound CD.

To upgrade, either uninstall or reinstall the plugin


run “sudo apt-get install eject” then use the upgrade function in NanoSound CD settings menu.


Hi faro,

Glad to know you like it!

May we know how you power the drive? Do you need to use an external power supply?

Thanks for your recommendation, we will take a look and test it.

A new version of NanoSound CD is available with Eject and Album cover art support.

The show album cover can be enabled via NanoSound CD settings.

If you like NanoSound CD, please consider supporting us by purchasing the full version with upsampling and extraction support.



Great indeed, thanks! Supported! :wink:

USB powered right from the RPi


I’ve gone through some arduous steps to finally getting the plugin to work with some wonderful help from nanosound. After flashing and installing a new sd card in my Allo DigiOne (plug-ins We’re not loading properly with the original card), the CD player/ripper is now working. Now I’m having that similar issue with ripping CDs to usb? It aborts the rip whenever I try to set the path to usb. It will rip to the SD card, but I don’t want to send to there for storage.
Nanosound has yet to respond to this one, can anyone here help?


I bought a full version of nanosound cd with plans to use upsampling functionality. Unfortunately it doesn’t work.
With no upsampling i can play music but my DAC detects stream as 48khz instead 44.1. (I have DX3 pro dac). Sometimes sound is distorted or/and paying is interrupted.
If I enable upsampling then there’s no sound at all. Rebooting and auto-configuration didn’t help.
Any idea what is causing the problem?
CD is playing without any problems via default “app” in volumio.

My equipment:
Raspberry Pi 3B+
Volumio 2.586
Topping DX3 Pro
Nanosound CD plug-in 1.1.1

Hello, this problem with saving to USB flash has been fixed in the latest version of NanoSound CD. Thanks for raising this.

Details can be found here:

Hi, for USB DACs, looks like the alsa driver is forcing sampling 48khz.

To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. check your card id.
    cat /proc/asound/modules

For our case we get:
0 snd_bcm2835
5 snd_usb_audio

so card5 is our USB DAC.

  1. find out capabilities of your the DAC

cat /proc/asound/card5/stream0


  1. Our AD18 can only do 96000 max. Many other USB DAC can do higher.
  2. edit /etc/asound.conf
    sudo nano /etc/asound.conf

replace hw:5,0 and card 5 with your card number if needed. Restart NanoSound CD plugin.

Thanks for this plugin, I just installed it on a fresh Volumio install. My goal is to build a streamer with CD playback and extraction capabilities. I’ve got the plugin playing well, though there are a couple of issues and things I’d like to see added:

  1. When a CD is ejected (using the button on the drive), the queue should be cleared. Currently if you eject a CD mid way through playing a track, then insert another CD and hit the transport play button, playback begins from the previous track and previous time rather than starting from the beginning of the CD.

  2. It would be nice to see eject and extract buttons in the playback window and / or the track list rather than having to go looking for them in settings. (I don’t have the full version yet so haven’t tested the extraction functions).

  3. I’d like to see the ability to automatically clear the Volumio queue, switch to the nano sound plugin and begin playing when a CD is inserted. And perhaps a similar option where a CD is loaded, volumio clears the queue and switches to the plugin and selects the first track, and then you press the transports play button to initiate playback like a normal CD player.

  4. the ability to automatically begin extracting on inserting a disc, and a choice to either eject the disc when extraction is finished or to keep playing from the disc.

  5. It would be great if the plugin could allow you to configure the drive speed for both playback and extraction, to reduce drive noise. This way the user could set the drive to run at 1 or 2x during playback, but spin up to the maximum possible speed during extraction.

These additions would make this the perfect CD playback plugin, and I look forward to upgrading to the full version in due course.