[PLUGIN] MPD OLED - installation & configuration plugin

can the oled screen be connected to the 5 volts of the raspberry pi? I don’t have a 3.3 volt rail left.

I also tried with an external power supply, but then the OLED screen is not recognized by the raspberry pi or does it not work with an external power supply anyway?

No. I think 5v might do some damage but you can give it a try if you have a spare :thinking::woozy_face: Just get a 3.3v drop-down board

According the specs it’s 3-5V. But I would take 3 10K resistors in serie and connect the OLED over 2 resistors.


ok then i will try that.

then I’m not going to take that risk with the raspberry pi, then try with resistors.

The rPi is not at risk here, the lifespan of the OLED might, connecting it straight to 5V as Supercrab mentioned.

tried with resistors but it doesn’t work then, screen doesn’t turn on properly and can’t keep up.

just done through the 5 volts and works fine and so far no problem with the raspberry pi.

Is the screen any brighter running on 5v?

Is the screen any brighter running on 5v? :thinking:

No just normal brightness.

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i like the left corner :slight_smile:

Groovy! Maybe these screens have a regulator. I’ve never checked :heart_eyes:

That would then be U2. To darn small to read.

Ah yeah it’s an (XC6206) 662K regulator for 3.3v :grinning:

The MPD_OLED 1.1.1 plugin is almost perfect.
Question: why almost?
Volumio 3 startup sound stutters.
Also when starting to play Internet radio or music from Tidal, the sound stutters for a short time, then everything plays smoothly.
It’s not a big problem, but the MPD_OLED plugin is so great that the presence of even such a small glitch is quite noticeable.
Previously in Volumio 2 with the early plugin mpd_oled there was no such problem.
Is there a way to fix this?

@rak39 It’s a not a problem with the plugin itself, I think it’s down to an ALSA issue. Unfortunately, I cannot fix any ALSA issues. I don’t have access to ALSA source code and I don’t understand ALSA. You could try running mpd_oled in standalone mode though:

Thank you, it’s a small glitch, it can be accepted on a daily basis. I’m sticking with the plugin for now, it’s great!

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Hi. The plugin is installed manually. I want the histogram to be displayed in full screen. What configuration should I write?


Hi, this is currently not possible