[PLUGIN] Bandcamp Discover

You should see a link on the right hand side of the album page that says “View this album on Bandcamp” - this should bring you to the Bandcamp page for the album.

A similar link is also provided for Artists / Labels, Bandcamp Daily and Shows.

after updating i just become a blank white screen on both devices :thinking:
seems that its running, but its not reachable …

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Are you getting a blank white screen even after a complete reboot (power off then on again)?

yes! i can hear the startsound, and thats all. it is not reachable.

ah. after many restarts its working again :sweat_smile:
ok, the “go to album” link in bandcamp daily is functioning now :+1:t2:

oh sorry, havent seen it before. tryed it and found out thats what i wanted :grin:
since the system backbutton in volumio is not working, and after tapping the “view this album on bandcamp” link volumios own browser opened i cant go back to volumio …

If you are accessing Volumio through a browser, then the link should open a new browser window / tab. Are you by any chance using the Volumio app?

yes, i use the app. shouldn’t i?

now i have another problem. whenever i want to listen to an album from bandcamp, only the last track is played and the playlist is filled up with the same. strange.

I don’t use it myself but since I don’t have the source code to the app I am not sure how I can make it recognize the link and have it opened in an external browser window…

I’ll look into this. Please keep testing so I can fix more bugs in one go :rofl:

Did a quick update. Should be fixed now.

I don’t have much time currently to extensively check what else Bandcamp has changed, so I may have missed something. Need our goods testers to help out!


I’ve just registered to the forum, in order to show my appreciation for this plugin. I’m a keen Bandcamp user and customer, with a rapidly growing collection, and Volumio has been instrumental in helping me move away from collecting CDs (which take up too much space) to buying downloads. But what I’ve been missing until the other day is a decent way to trial new music rather than relying on my horrible tinny laptop speakers.

So I’ve updated the plugin now, and I’m giving it a spin. Looks good.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks @TimW,

I think Bandcamp may be in the process of updating the data structure used on their site (small incremental changes), so let me know if you run into any issues. We’ll fix them along the way.

Updated to include ‘Browse by Tags’. Follow instructions on Github link to update.

In case you don’t see it, the Browse by Tags feature is accessible here:

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Thank you so much for this Patrick. I engage with Bandcamp a lot, I’m really going to use this plugin. I really appreciate this!

Is there any way to bookmark albums I like? I know it won’t appear on my bandcamp account, but just within the plug in

Thanks again!

I was hoping that Volumio would improve its playlist / favorites implementation, so we can have centralised management of these things. For example, you could add an album to your favorites, then under Favorites, you would be able to filter by music service and go back to the album page. But from experience, I don’t think this will happen any time soon. So I’ll see what’s the best way to implement a bookmark feature in the plugin.

Thank you. This is all great.

Joined to say a huge THANK YOU for this plugin. Bandcamp Weekly a big part of my listening / music discovery habits and having it accessible on Volumio really makes the platform more complete for me. Good stuff. Will test further and leave feedback if anything comes up, but working smashingly so far. Love that there’s the option to listen to the Weekly show itself, or just the featured tracks.

@elias, thanks for dropping by :slight_smile:

This plugin is currently broken due to some changes in the Bandcamp website. Clicking on an album will show all tracks as non-playable. Give me some time to fix this.