PI3 B+ with 7"Display and Volumio

I have the following problem: I use a Raspi Pi3 B + with the original touchscreen from Raspberry. I would like to display the surface of Volumio on the touch screen. With the installed touchscreen plugin I get only a black screen with mouse pointer.
Sorry for my bad english. Best greets from Germany


You’ll need to install and activate the Touch Display plugin.

I installed the plugin, but only the black screen is displayed with the mouse

Something similar happened with me, switching the Touch Screen off and then back on (in the plugins, not power) got it to work.

In the settings (plugin), I’ve already turned off the DIsplay and turned back on, but the problem remained

Can it be the Volumio has a problem with the Raspberry 3B + in conjunction with the original display?

The more I’ve played with the 3B+ and the 7" screen the more I think that it’s power related issues, separating the two will help.