Pi 400 and OSM DACberry 400


I have just added a OSM DACberry 400 to my Pi 400, unfortunatly this DAC is not listed in Volumino. I have tried both the OSM DACberry ONE+ and DACberry PRO options but neither work, and I get Error Failed to open ;alsa’ messge when I try and play something. I am running volumino 3.396.

Does anybody have any suggestions if I can get the OSM DACberry 400 working with volumino ?.

There is an install script for this DAC.
However it’s pretty intrusive, Not sure how Volumio will respond to it

Thanks, unfortunatly the script would not run under the Volumio OS. So I think this DAC nay not work with Volumio !.


Hi Davide,
Any suggestion if this can/will work. There is an overlay for the DacBerry400

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The DAC400 driver needs to be accepted in the kernel and the overlay needs to come with the Raspberry overlays, which, according to OSA Electronics, both is not the case yet. The support guy O.S. claims that they still waiting.