Peppy spectrum analyzer

Volumio 3.703
Peppy spectrum latest one which you have shared to me
Spotify 4.0.4

Okey…sorry for disturbing you… Let me check the updated one :+1:

new list update…

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Really happy…installed :+1::smile: working fine…


I’m assuming as this is just the bars with no background (exactly what I’m looking for) I should be able to just modify the config file to get it to work with my 1920x720 display, correct?

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Exactly. Just change bars width, space etc…

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Hi… how can i make peppy spectrum as per my choice…?? LED color, LED size, etc… Can you please guide me how to edit the config .txt file?

Update the list. I added some 1980x720 Spectrums :wink:

just have a look inside the file spectrums.txt in the folder with your resolution.

Ok… Let me try… :+1:

Thank you! You da man.

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Hi… Still peppy spectrum is not working or songs not playing while using spotify or youtube. But same time spectrum is working with radio channels… Expecting your help on this.