number of Album limited in music library?

I mount my NAS containing 2T music to RPi 3B correctly. It will always reset to zero when it scans the nas up to 1100 albums. My nas is Qnap using cifs to connect to Rpi3. Please help

There is no limit we know of, it could be something particular to your library.
If you could determine on which album it stops, you could try and skip that one by temporarily removing it.
Or flash an x86 version to a usb stick and try booting it from a pc and check if you get the same issue there after 1100 albums.

thank you,
I try Asus Tinker Board +Volumio. It can fully load 3077 album, but Rpi3B + volumio cannot. The settings are the same.
Already delete some non-music file in the NAS music directory. It does not work.