ntp starts but dies immediatly

Hi guys,

I am trying to use my volumio to wake up and thus checked the ntp was running properly to keep the clock accurate. I am using volumio 1.51 on Rpi.

ntp seems to be indeed started at boot time and generates a ntp.pid in /var/run. However when i log in after boot and check with ps, the process is gone.

When i re-start it manually from root account, it works nicely. Looks like some process is stopping it on purpose during teh boot sequence.

Is that intended? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to control the ntp polling period to a long (7 days??) value and keep it running?

Thanks in advance for your toughts.

It’s a feature, not a bug. The ntpd service is automatically disabled by default in the orion_optimize.sh script along with a few other services, like cron. You can enable it by commenting out line 39 as such:

sudo nano /var/www/command/orion_optimize.sh #killall -9 ntpd

Afterwards, ensure that the ntp service is enabled and started by running the following 2 commands

sudo update-rc.d ntp enable sudo service ntp start

To verify that the ntp daemon is running issue the following command:

ps aux |grep ntpd

Hope that helps.

It does.

Commenting out the lines in optimize_orion.sh did indeed fix the issue.

Cron and ntpd are not particularly greedy on resources and i havn’t observed any side effect so far by re-enabling them.

I am working on a pull request of the web UI to enable an “alarm-clock-like” functionality.

I will propose to at least re-enable the cron daemon as part of it.

Thanks for this, I was going mad trying to figure out why cron wasn’t working.