Not able to get full screen on 4K TV

I have tried everything but not sure why Volumio is not taking the full screen on my 4K Television. I have attached some images for reference.

I am currently using Allo Boss 2 Signature Player which has HDMI output which support upto 4K 60 FPS and I am using a Mini HDMI Cable for the same but not sure what is going wrong that I am not able to get the full screen and by the way this is happening for both Volumio as well as Moode. Kindly suggest. I have already tried this –

sudo nano /boot/userconfig.txt

Add to the bottom:


sudo reboot

the peppy plugin has a max layout 1920 x 1080
that’s not a 4k resolution that’s why you don’t have a filled screen…

Issue Resolved

to enable 4k you have to have this in /boot/config.txt


nice that you found it my resolution goes till 1920 x 1080 so could not test any.

If you didn’t want to force 60hz 4k just to get the screen right on a 4k tv you can just add


to your /boot/config.txt.