Noob needs help in L.A. area

I’m good with hardware but software, I’m terrible.
Willing to compensate someone to show me [hands on] how to incorporate (install and use) Volumio and all of its options.
Please PM me.
I live in Zip 91214 area.


Hi John, welcome to Volumio :slight_smile:

It’s really not that difficult, and you’re very welcome to post “noob” questions on here … everyone has to learn :wink: Have a look at the “Quick Start Guide” linked at the bottom of this post. If you can’t see how to do something, then let us know.

Ok, I got it start up. Now, I’m stuck at Playback option;

My set up:
Singxer SU-1
Gustard DAC X-22 (ESS 9038)

Playback Option:
Output device = USB Audio 2.0 (SU1)
I2S = On
DAC Model = ?

USB Out from Pi into Singxer.
I2S (HDMI) Output into I2S input to Gustard X-22
RCA Output to Amplifier.

I’ve narrowed it down to RPi3 not sending audio to Singxer SU-1.

Switch i2s off.

P.S. Please make new posts in help section to help people searching similar problems.