No Access with smartphone or tablet - only computer works


I searched the internet and found no solution, so I hope someone here can help.
My Volumio device is connected to my router with a lan cable and I can access it with my Computer.
But I cannot connect with my phone or tablet. I enter the correct IP-address (I see on my router for volumio) but no connection. With my desktop computer everything works fine.
In the past I could connect with my phone. Meanwhile I have a new router, maybe that’s part of the problem?

Thanks for your help

That is probably because your Volumio device doesn’t yet have the information to login to your WiFi. You say you can connect with your desktop via your router to the device using the IP displayed on the router. You need to go to the Main WEB-UI page and click on the
image link. On the screen that comes up, scroll down to

and click on “Run first config Wizard”. This will open up a screen that displays all the available WiFi networks. Pick your network ID and login with your password and you will be able to connect to it over the WiFi after a restart using the default address http:/volumio.local/playback or using the Volumio app.

Alternatively, you can use your desktop/laptop/phone to connect to the WiFi network that has a name starting with “Volumio” with default password volumio and you should be presented with the same first config wizard which will then let you enter your WiFi credentials to your network. Check out the Volumio Quick Start guide explaining this.