New Volumio Project - Ekco A320A radio

Hi there,

Long time lurker on the forum. Thought I’d share some pictures of what I’ve managed to pick up, and what I’ll be doing with it.

After seeing some other threads here of people that have also bought vintage radios as cases for volumio projects, I thought I’d give it a go. I managed to pick up an old 1957 Ekco A320A valve radio from eBay for £15, which seemed like a bargain.

I had assumed for this price, it would be non-working and I’d just use it as a shell for a raspberry pi and amplifier hat, but upon picking it up I’ve found that it’s in great working condition. :open_mouth: I can’t bring myself to gut it now, so my new plan is just to leave the radio as it is mostly, other than soldering in a phono cable to the existing pick up to connect to a Pi and DAC now and use the existing valve amplifier and speaker.

For those interested, I’ll be getting a Pi Zero W, and a IQAudio Pi-DACZero. They’re cheap, I’ve got a couple already and they’re a great way to set up multiroom audio I’ve found.

Hopefully I’ll have the new Pi, DAC and other bits I’ve ordered over the next week or so and be able to put it all together. :slight_smile: