New user Help NAS mount, Squeezelite, Spotify

Hello, I’ve spent my evening trying to configure volumio and I can’t get anywhere. Can some kind soul help?

  1. I can’t mount the NAS. I’ve followed Synology and Volumio guides very very carefully (and I have lost count of my attempts) but nada. Volumio does flash up a couple of access denied messages in my browser, but they don’t stay onscreen long enough for me to read/copy and I can’t locate the log. I suspect it’s actually the NAS saying no rather than Volumio. What to do?

  2. My NAS workaround was to load squeezelite and am attempting to play music via LMS on my NAS, which works with picore. I can navigate to LMS and select a song via an app (but not the volumio web interface) but no sound. I’ve read that I have to select the right output, but the list (system bcm 2385 etc…) is meaningless to me. I have a new Katana.

  3. I’ve installed the spotify plugin, but can see no way to either enter my credentials nor browse any music.


I’ve managed to do a screen shot of the error that pop up in Volumio

exec error Error: command Failed: /usr/bin/sudo/bin/mount-tnfs-0ro,soft,noauto 1/music ‘/mnt/NAS/Volumio’ mount:nfs accessdenied by the server while mounting 1/music

Make sure that your NAS is set to allow NFS (you are doing it as NFS, rather than CIFS?) access from the IP address of your Volumio device.

For Spotify credentials, check installed plugins, and click on ‘Settings’ for the spotify plugin.

Thanks. NAS mount solved. I had followed guides suggesting I could use a wildcard thus: 192.168.1.* In practice it required the precise IP address.

My speculation is that this has something to do with the fact I’m on Ethernet, yet wireless appears to like to stay on in Volumio. Perhaps there was a conflict.


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