New installation


Just used etcher to flash a new image to a sd card. It has completed that process successfully, however the SDHC partition is not yet formatted, only the boot. Does Volumio need a formatted partition? For example to install plugins?


Loutje, what system are u using … ? normaly you don’t have to alter it after burning the image
if u use a rpi just put it in and boot it will run the setup…
btw ( you looking it on a pc i guess there are more partitions on the disk but they are linux based
they will not show up on a windows system …)

that’s how windows is handling a disk it could not read ( because it’s a linux partition )
by saying if you want to format just ignore that
if you comply to it , it would screw up the image…

on what system do you want to use your image we got many flavors …

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dvo / NL als je in het nederlands wilt praten kan dat ook hoor :slight_smile:

I’m on a windows10 laptop. Latest version as far as I know. Wouldn’t expect an unformatted partition…

There are 3 partitions on the SD card, the first one is FAT32 (the one you see), the other 2 are EXT4 formatted, which you wouldn’t see on a windows system.

Alles duidelijk?

uhm are you talking dutch to lol :slight_smile: @gkkpch nice :slight_smile:

yes, i’m a dual national

Not sure… I would’ve thought the partiton would be completely invisible.

windows can see fat16, fat32, ex-fat and ntfs filesystems,
ext3 ext4 are linux based filesystems and are not standaard supported on windows based systems…
that’s why windows can’t see or handle it and wants to format the drive for you.
don’t do this because it will remove the volumio image of the disk…

Thanks. Never noticed this before.