need volumio 2 image for b+

I downloaded the version from the download page for my Pi3, and it is nice. I have a few Pi B+ units with DACs on them and am interested in some of the features of Volumio (multi room). How do I get a version of Volumio for a B+, arm-v6 (isn’t Pi Zero the same architecture?). It is clear that the version I have on my Pi3 is for arm v7 I did not try to boot it on my B+, but am pretty sure it will not.

also, where in the UI do I find which verison it is that I am running?

There isn’t a separate image for armv6…just use the one provided for RPi.

Look under system settings for the Volumio version number.

The image provided is for all RPi versions. If you look under /boot/ you’ll see 2 Kernel img one for original RPi’s with arm v6 the other for arm v7, RPi 2 & 3. The boot sequence chooses the apropriate Kernel to load so you can easily swap SD Card between different RPi boards if needed.

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