My Oak Volumio transport

Impressive, very interesting design. What FPGA are you using and what function is it performing? (I am assuming a number of digital filters?)

Thank you

It is Xilinx XC9572XL and performing source pre-shaping and source synchronization technology re-shaping the isolated I2S signal, thus eliminating the additive jitter caused by the isolation chip ( or something like that :slight_smile: )

XMOS is U208 and crystal is femtosecond CRYSTEK CCHD 575 custom clock, ultra-low phase noise, low jitter series.

Here is block diagram :

and after my PS mods :

New heart inside:

After a few weeks of struggling with the Waveshare 11.9 + Pi5, everything started working and the Pi5 was able to go into the system. :upside_down_face:


If someone is curious why natural wood front panel, not metal…

… I love wooden things

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Pi5 is like heater. I have it power on 24 hours by day and normal temp was about 70 C.
When play music, tem rise to 85 C :slightly_frowning_face: it was reason why I first underclocking “5” ( temp was about 65 C and 80 C when listen music ) and next I order cooler.

One off the reason why temp are so high is my DAC with tube analog output under Volumio:

Today I upgrade Pi with official cooler:

I listenning music over 1 hour and temp is still under 60 C and fan is really quiet.

My thing is that if you want Pi5 you should use this cooling pack.

@Wheaten in other topic you said:

I know that this post has 1,5 year and I don’t want put it there but… maybe my reply can help somebody in next project and I put it here

You can cut hole with external diameter of LCD and put LCD inside. After that you prepare mounting like mine below ( it take me 10 minutes ) and mask edges with black tape if you have some green, red, blue LED inside.

You don’t need any milimeters above the screen. With Waveshare you get 180 degrees adapter to mount Pi back to back on LCD

You should use it and mount with female - female HDMI adapter and connect with Pi via standard HDMI cable, or connect this adapter with Pi via female-male HDMI cable.

I use it in my Volumio and have 1 cm above LCD only because I want it, not because I have to.

Mine looks that :

or that:

Could you show the back panel when you can please? I’m looking to do something similar, but I have a separate DAC already (SMSL SU9) so this will be a standalone chassis. I’m just struggling to find a USB C bulkhead coupler that’s rated for 5A.

Beautiful setup.

I’m away of home but have this photo on phone, can it be ??

On right side is only power cord. Like you can see before Volumio it was Onkyo CDP :upside_down_face:

You don’t need it. I use standard plug to power Pi. I use the same with HATs , and Pi3 and 4

Thank you.

New cosmetic changes inside:

I talked with owners of PiNEBERRY and my HatDrive! for M.2 disk will by soon. In this case I removed Pi and have place for drive.

Because I had Pi5 on desk I done mod.

If you can’t find mod :slight_smile: … it is new pins for power switch near HDMI port. I soldered standard pins like in GPIO because it is not enough pleace for biger socket/plug that I normally use.

Clean soldering without problem :wink:

On pins I mounted plugs from desktop MB.

Everything works like should. One touch in Volumio system off, second touch system on. On Raspi push button gives menu and you can use power off or reboot.

I probably will install microswitch on front bottom or on rear panel because want have clean front panel like now.

Rest of mods inside to better performance:

  • I shortened USB cable to XMOS. I use ViaBlue K2 silver 1 meter. Now I cut it to about 25 cm for better signal.
  • I changed power cable. First was longer and thiner. My power supply can gives continuously 5A and more if need in peek. I changed cable because when I conected M.2 drive via usb 3.0 and started play local music my Waveshare was black on 1 second and Xmos was disconnected. When I changed wires from 0.5 to 1mm and almost half shorter I can play from M.2

Merry Christmas for all audio lovers!!!

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I know that it looks like blog not like topic… if it is prohibite, please tell me.

Because I made another Volumio player for my son, to his room upstair ( based on DELL OPTIPLEX FX160 - on photo on my “Oak Volumio” tested withe phones ):

I tried to share him our ripped CD library. First I used my router like a server but was problem with metadata. Temporary I solved it connected USB with WAV files to my Volumio and share it to his Volumio. It was good till I disconnected my Volumio from our home network or I powered it off because of modification. I decided to make my own samba server based on Rasberry Pi . Christmas time is full of free time and I had everything in my home and my workshop. I started work: found Pi4b 4GB (earlier was in my Volumio ), my first Pi power supply and transformer, M.2 drive with USB adapter… and put everything to old CDP case ( I cut it for better size ).

I connected it and prepared server. Then Pi “started to play samba”

I finished the case and front panel for server. Like always I use natural wood. Because it is for my Oak Volumio I use the same piece of oak to look similar.

After all the tests, my new server is now on place.

( right down corner under the amp )

It’s really like my wife said: “Now the only thing that matters in your life is Volumio” :slight_smile:

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Samba on Pi4 got a 2TB disk and became a home server for music and family photos and 256GB NVMe with PiNEBERRY Pi HatDrive! Bottom goes to Volumio.

It is non-official version but prepare for test by @nerd here:

As you can see on photo NVMe Hat is still straight with Pi because I wait for longer PCIe ribbon and finally will be mounted parallel to the PSU radiator.

Second change is transformer for Pi PSU replaced by new toroid. Firs reason is power. Now is 6.25A. Old was rated on 5A but with Pi5, Waveshare and M2 disk was problem with not enough power.

On bottom left corner I have place for another one small PSU especially for Waveshare. I want to separate LCD from Pi and feed it via second “power supply only” USB. In this way I will have 1A more for Pi.


Hei herra eMCZe!
Olen kotoisin Vietnamista, tarvitsen apuasi: Minulla on Raspberry Pi 5 ja 11,9 tuuman HDMI-näyttö, viime viikkoina olen asentanut sitä Volumio Version 3.601 (tai 3.569) ohjelmistolla, mutta kaikki ovat epäonnistuneet. Asensin Volumio Touch Display -laajennuksen ja config.txt:
hdmi_timings=320 0 80 16 32 1480 0 16 4 12 0 0 0 60 0 42000000 3
Foorumin kautta tiedän, että olet asentanut onnistuneesti, voitteko auttaa minua! Kiitos ja odotan vastaustasi./.

In English please!!!

[Google translate]
Hello Mr. eMCZe!
I’m from Vietnam, I need your help: I have a Raspberry Pi 5 and a 11.9 inch HDMI monitor, for the past weeks I’ve installed it with Volumio Version 3.601 (or 3.569) but all failed. I installed the Volumio Touch Display plugin and config.txt:
hdmi_timings=320 0 80 16 32 1480 0 16 4 12 0 0 0 60 0 42000000 3
I know from the forum that you have successfully installed, can you help me! Thank you and I look forward to your reply./.

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Hello eMCZe and everyone!
I’m from Vietnam, I need your help: I have a Raspberry Pi 5 and an 11.9 inch HDMI screen, in the past weeks I have installed it with Volumio Version 3.601 (or 3.569) but all failure. I have installed the Volumio plugin and config.txt:
hdmi_timings=320 0 80 16 32 1480 0 16 4 12 0 0 0 60 0 42000000 3
I know you installed successfully, please help me and everyone on the forum! Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon./


It is only for older version of Volumio and Pi4

You need to do this:

Well thank you very much. I did it, it’s working fine. however, it appears that the display is frame-shifted to the right. Please guide me to fix it. Thank you very much!

It’s not as balanced in the middle as yours!

Hi. I was away from computer but see that you enabled SSH and configured drivers.

As you can see in my first photo I had the same standard screen like you.

You need to use another one Plugin. NowPlaying from Volumio.

In NowPlaying you can define size and location of every elements on screen.

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Thank you very much! I have done it successfully.