My "Network Soundsystem" :-)

Hello Volumio-friends,

here is my Volumio-Project…
I have implemented all Volumio-plugins (GPIO, Spotify, Touchscreen)
Only a “Multiroom”-function is still missing :frowning:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Class-D-Amplifer TDA 8920
  • Symmetrical power supply 2 x 25V/ 230 VA
  • Volumio Release 2.041




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Some more pictures …





Looks smart. I really like the case :slight_smile:

Great job !

Could you please add more information about DIY kit used (alim, soft power,class d, relay for pre-amp…) ?
Did you also homemade the speakers ?

Thanks in advance

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my English is very bad, but I try … :wink:

Soft-start I haven’t build in, only the Loudspeaker-Protection behind the amplifer I have implemented. I have bought following moduls/parts here:

I haven’t build in a Pre-Amp. The Line-In I have controlled with 12Volt Relais, but I will change them in following modul:

The Loudspeakers are selfmade. The Chassis are from Dayton:,de,6409,53223
bzw. Oaudio:

At this time I build also new 2-way-systems with SB Acoustics Chassis:,de,6706,53260

The casing I have a little bit redesigned:


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Fantástic! You can upload a block diagram and genéric wired forma this?

looks nice,
is it possible to use the touchscreen?
I am asking because you have also the button with next start stop

do you have a picture on your frontpanel?

have a nice day

Hi, these are the power supplies you use for the Raspberry Pi and the lcd panel? … q5l5lWNUMg


look here: … ll+rs-15-5

MeanWell, RS-15-5

I can use the Touchscreen and I can use the button.
The buttons are more comfortable

I can create a block diagram, but it takes a few days.

Claus :slight_smile:

Thank you! I wait for the diagram, there is no rush.


Hi daniel,

here is the block-diagram…


Thanks Claus65, You have been very kind, will guide me to build my own project.
Best regards.



great project an very nice woodworking.

make a bow

H. Steam

Servus Claus,

kannst du mich bitte mal kontaktieren?

How did you implement the switches for Play, Stop etc?

Hello Claus65,

Great job ! Looks beatyful.

Can you give me link to lcd that You used ?

Thank you.

God, this case looks so cool. The wood texture is great, it looks quite minimalistic. I saw something similar on YouTube, only there a guy made a case for his pc, I got interested in that idea and decided to do it. After buying the boards, it turned out that they were uneven, and the case would be bad. I could not do without a planer, so I had to splurge on the best benchtop jointer(<spam link removed>). I ended up with a good case, one side I left glass so that the RGB illumination could be seen. And by the way, contrary to my expectations, the components do not heat up at all.

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