Music files (MP3 files) local on Pi

I managed to get Volumio up and running on my RPi 3B+ reading a fileserver with about 5000 songs.
I attached a old cheap powered stereo speaker with sub woofer and it works perfect!!!
Thanks Michelangelo!! (And team)

So I am going to swap the MicroSD card with a SSD (Have another RPi with that configuration running MQTT, NodeRED and mySQL for Home Automation)

So I would like to copy a bunch of files to the SD Card, until my SSD and SSD Card arrives.

Two questions:

  1. In what folder do I have to put the media files (MP3)

  2. When I tried to FTP to the RPi (SSH is activated), I get this error:

"Connection attempt failed with “ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server”.

What am I missing in the setup on the Volumio so I can FTP more media to the SSD drive (Currently Micro SD).

Any pointers / advice will be greatly appreciated!!



The storage on the Pi is a Samba share called “Internal Storage”.