Mini86 NAS

I have purchased a MINI86 how do Copy Music files from WD HD caddy to 1tb internal drive

Can you give us some details please? Have you installed Volumio successfully?

Yes - Volumio is running fine - it is bought pre-installed when purchased from the Volumio Shop online

Ahh, that Mini86 :slight_smile:, sorry it just didn’t register in my mind for some reason. I believe that the internal hdd is a Samba share, so you should just be able to copy your music files to it over the network.

Thanks chsims1, that’s what I thought but i can not see it on the network Volomio is there, but no shared drive. I am not onsite until next week so I will have another look for it over the network.

Hi All have managed to get back to this job. I can see the “NAS” over the network but it only has 4gb available - not the 1tb as installed am I missing something here. I can see drives plugged into the Mini86 and copy paste etc just need to find the extra 1tb of drive?

Hi Buzzard, there was an issue similar to yours late last year but I thought it had been resolved. It might be a good idea to add your help request to the Mini86 support thread.

Hi, this is an issue due to the wrong initialization done by our supplier. It’s quite easy to fix if you have the ability to ssh in it.
If not we will release an update that fixes that in the next days.

How would youl like to proceed?

Thanks Gents I can putty in, so we can give it a go - what can I stuff up that can’t be fixed with a reloaded image. Also we are running a WD Elements hard drive connected directly to the Mini86 and we are getting random system lock ups (GUI still navigates but no music found and will not play - remove and reconnecting HD sometimes fixes issue and also system randomly stops play back and restarts by skipping to next track.