Media library dissapearing

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has the same issue - lately my media library goes missing- nothing showing at all until you do a manual rescan.
Was fine for ages but now seems troublesome.

(1TB M.2 enlosure and powering both the screen and Rpi4 so it’s not a power issue)


Test Mode enabled and updated?

Hi thanks for reply. I just did the update that was waiting there. After doing that ‘check for update’ seems to hang these days and not say up to date etc.

Why do you need this test mode all the time? Is it as simple as opening up a new tab in chrome (http://volumio.local/dev/) then what, hitting enable log right at the bottom?

Seem to need a fair few reboots these days, seems like once a version is working would be good to leave it at that. Seems like the premium features require more developing but doesn’t benefit the other users (supersearch etc).

You don’t need test mode, actually you should not use it at all without having a reason for it. With test mode you get test versions, which are not released yet.

I was asking because I know that the last test version was one causing the db to be wiped (for which there is a reason, cannot be avoided).

Thanks - does this relate to program updates or just the testmode plugins?

Do you know how to disable it, is it just the main bottom at the bottom? Most of the buttons appear to do nothing in the dev screen untless they are switching things on or off.

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http://dev, click test. it is an on/off switch

@Volumio: would this not be a nice visible setting in the systems menu and log settings, so much easier to backtrack issues

ok i hit test mode False button so that should be it now.
(enbling the live log appears to have confirmed it’s off).

I think you need test mode enabled to use the Youtube Cast Receiver plugin, as it’s not showing up as an available device otherwise (but doesn’t work a lot of the time anyway)