Manifest slows album and artist artwork display to a crawl

Does anyone have an answer as to why a working ‘Contemporary’ appearance (fast scrolling on iPad of artists and album artworks) should be so sluggish and un-usable when switching to ‘Manifest’?
Everything is fine again after switching back to ‘Contemporary’.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I have tried with many different sd cards and pi 3 & 4.

Everything else seems to be as responsive on Manifest.

could it be that they use other method to make the marquee?
in html i had many different scrollers one is smooth and the other one will stutter.

I can only test on a 10-year-old iPad, but that is very slow on both UIs. On my Windows laptop, macbook Air and Android phone, scrolling seems to be equally quick for Contemporary and Manifest.

Do you try to change view from tile to list view?
On all my Apple devices i can use manifesto only this way.
regards and best sound to you :wink:

Just been playing with tile/list view this afternoon. Certainly much better. I’ve also tried other search engines with varying degrees of success. Safari is still preferred - so I’ll have to make do with tile view.

I could try clearing all Safari data but I’m not sure how popular I’d be …… :triumph: