Long time musician and maker and I have a SIMPLE question

50+ Write music, make guitars and LOVED Synths for decades

Primarily focusing on the RASPI platform at the moment (Im 100% Linux at home so that helps), and have been looking for something like Volumio since day 1

There are DOZENS of folks out there successfully using the combo to do GREAT things, me, its moving a tad slower, but that’s part of the fun.

HOWEVER I have a VERY basic, simple and probably naïve question.

BTW I have loaded both PICOREPLAYER and VOLUMIO, and really like Volumio better over all.

HOWEVER since 1st boot of BOTH I have had one burning question about the very basic, very CORE of the ideas behind both products.

Spawned I know because A) I couldn’t get sound out and B) I couldn’t find a document that said

“This is great if you want to X and it WILL/WILL NOT do Y”

so now you know my nerosis, here we go. You address both products on headless RASPIS hooked up to very MP3 on planet earth, youre on a wired and wireless network, you can loop into a local website and control EVERYTHING

BEST OF ALL - it seems that no matter what you log in FROM you get a very consistent look and set of controls (BRAVO!)

My question is ======== If my RASPI is running a DAC and is hooked to a sTereo receiver with monster 100W speakers directed over my loft…

should I hear the music ONLY from the stereo?


Should I be able to plug my headphones into my android phone/tablet/pc/chromebook/smart TV and be able to hear the music from THERE as well?

Now Ill be honest, most of my poking around seems to be pointing to #1. But since I have yet to get sound of ANY kind on a consistent basis, I was hoping…

SO Ill leave it to you experts to answer my query.

As for MY issues I know its 99% due to the fact that I rarely get to ever spend more than 15-20 minutes at a time working on the project…so im pretty sure Ill get THAT part worked out.


Hi mindwave, and welcome to Volumio & the forums :slight_smile:

Very simply Volumio outputs its audio locally ie. to your monster speakers. That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t have more than one RPi dotted around the house with it’s own local speakers/headphone amp, or even the jack plug out (if you’re desperate). You can even install a plugin that allows all of your RPis to play an audio file in sync in the different rooms.

We are developing this functionality (stream audio TO your browser) under MyVolumio :wink:
No ETA on when this will be done, but its a feature that I think many will like (like you!)

MIchalengelo (sic)

You are correct that would be an AWESOME ability.

Not to mention, honestly, with the uniform GUI that shows up on everything KUDOS to you guys for that btw, it alsmost seems like its built in now.

Avctually I read an article yesterday about a guy who built a system w/ 7 RPIs around his house, but considering the issues Ive had so far, sems like a lot of work.

But that’s another post another area…