LattePanda Mini PC 4GB/64GB

Can this be used with x86 version of Volumio?


There is investigative/development work going on with this family of chips … have a search.

So Lattepanda is not considered as x86 like an intel nuc? Thx.

As we speak, testing with a Z8350 based Cherrytrail Mini PC, 32Gb eMMC, SD slot, 1xUSB3.0, 2x USB2.0, HDMI and 3.5" audio jack.
Except for audio jack, everything is working perfectly, boots from eMMC or USB, HDMI audio is working, SD card works.

Whether audio will work on a Lattepanda will depend on the codec the board has been equipped with.
Mine is a realtek rt5651 and this doesn’t work unfortunately.
Driver and firmware is there, it does get recognised and configured but fails on the attempt to play something.
HDMI audio is fine, so is USB audio.

Note: the released X86 volumio version is not ready for it yet, it will work but HDMI audio, SD, analog audio won’t.
My image and kernel are still experimental!
I hope to be able to publish another version for testing soon.

Edit: Background info: Debian jessie, used for building the volumio OS, has a fairly old kernel and firmware.
Meanwhile a lot of new Intel based PCs/ chipsets have been introduced, which our released kernel does not support properly (drivers and/or firmware missing).
I’m working on that now, trying to produce a new x86 version with support for the newest hardware.
There is no guarantee this will happen for Debian jessie (still checking feasibility), so it might have to wait until we introduce Debian stretch

In my case, successfully instaled on my old intel NUC.
It is, as said gkkpch, a good idea not to have a recent NUC, for better compatibility.
But A very old NUC is really powerful enough to run volumio!
With a Little SSD, it’s just amazing!
It’s my main volumio unit, to listening music, and I use a rasp 3 for tests.
I prefer my old NUC, really faster and responsive!

You can try, you’ll see!

define “old” please, I have it running on a D34010WYK from 2014