I have asked this before but no reply. Is LastFM still the source for images or has this changed?
The reason I ask is, tip for other users,: after I look on LastFM how THEY write the artistname and
I change it in my files the correct image is loaded!

nobody knows the answer to my question?

Ive been having a little look at this.

Most of my problems are due to a “The”. to make it easy on alphabetical seaching I have

Band, The

but that may not be popular at all on LastFM

The Band

are much more popular. One of my fails has 18 Listners as “Band,The”… but as “The Band” they have 266K

Not sure if I want to drop “The” or put it at the start.

I have a similar issue but with “The Cure”, I checked all the possible things: the name of the band is right, now weird characters, of course The Cure are on Last.FM, but volumio can’t download pictures for them.
I could understand with more "exotic’ artists like “Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson” (yes, my daughter loves Mamma Mia) but failing on “The Cure” it’s quite weird

Just updated a few of my tags, Artist and Album artist and that has fixed the few that annoy me the most.

I do have quite a few “The Band” Now, which I’ll just have to get over.

If your not having luck with The Cure, I would suggest checking all your tags quite thoroughly, for commas, ex tra spaces that we ignore as we read, and anything else. I would use MP3Tag or similar to re-write the tag as you want, rather than assume what you have is right. Ive had a couple of really very silly mistakes that have made a folder/album not work as it should.

I use beets to manage tags, so I am quite sure the tags are okay