Katana Dac by allo

If possible to use external atom clock, can improve the sound quality much?

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Not possible to use external clock.

However , we can say that clocks have been well taken care of. Triple cleaning of the rails etc…

Hi ioan, very impressive, congratulations. No pictures?


There is one above in the thread

Hi Jazz,

Some of snapshots for your reference.

BravI, Allo!!!
Just can’t wait to listen to it!

will this Dac be supported with the current volumio release? how about myvolumio?

Driver for Katana is already included in the current Volumio’s kernel. As soon as we receive a sample Katana we will make it 100% compatible.
The same will go of course for MyVolumio

I believe they will ship one of the first 20 katanas to you… Im very eager to see your review using volumio.

Hopefully after the release on July 15. They are recommending at least a week for the capacitors to open up… so it may take time to know the actual broken in SQ.

A few sample were shipped today. Tomorrow Volumio unit will be on the way.

What power does the stack need…

I assume Pi has its own DC 5v in.

Does the stack power the PSU hat?
And what input does that need?

Can you advise of the height in mm of the full stack inc Pi from lowest point to highest component?


The total height of the stack from the bottom of the RPI to the top capacitor is 50mm including 5mm mounting standoffs at the bottom of the RPI.
There are different ways to feed power to the Katana.
single 5V3A to the micro controller can feed the whole player including the RPI.
you can even feed using 2 x 5V3A PSUs, one to the RPI and one to the micro controller

all this will be described in the user manual available on the katana page * coming soon

Thanks but I am confused are you allo or another company/person?

Andre is from allo team

Then what is the clock jitter on the DAC clocks?

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Perfect ! I’m using Mezzanine pcb ( from this links ldovr.com/category-s/122.htm) that supply 5V 1A, 3.3V 0.5A, 1.8V 0.5A for Raspi and Boss Dac. This board supply very clean and low noise for Pi and Boss. So how can I setup with Katana replaced Boss and still keep Mezzanine? Thanks !

Katana DAC needs almost 0.7A

Hi All,

I am looking forward to testing the new Katana.
In order to be prepared when it arrives, I still have some questions:

  1. Do I need a separated reclocker (Katana)?
    [UPDATE by myself] - no reclocker needed
  2. Is is possible to use one single 5V power supply for the entire stack (incl. RPi)?
  3. Do you know any linearisation filters for the 5V power supplies (similar with the Allo Capacitance Multiplier for higher voltages)? Do you have any recommendations in this regard?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards

Hi Adrian

  1. Yes
  2. No

Its better to use 2 PSUs one for RPI and second (low noise) for Katana

Do both 5v lines need to be 5v3A

Is 5v1A okay for Katana stack?

And 5v2.5A for RPi?