Issue with master quality Tidal connect

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.87.8
Hardware: Raspberry 3B+
DAC: Audiophonics Raspdac Mini

Hi there,

I’ve done the update and it is superb. But I don’t get more then 48khz 24bit (seen in Volumio interface). You mentioned „without any limitations in the quality of the music you are listening to.“. How can I set it up to 192khz?

why did you didn’t read that your dac is only working with a rpi 4b ?

btw mqa is not always a higher master even if they say mqa, mqa could even be on 44khz as master

Because I have this one AUDIOPHONICS RASPDAC MINI Kit DIY Streamer for Raspberry Pi 3 & DAC ES9038Q2M - Audiophonics

Yes sure but I have user 192khz playlist and on Mac it shows me that it is 192khz. So all the tracks are not the full possible quality.

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oke i was looking at the wrong one but i think you can join on this post :

there is a 192khz tidal fleetwood mac so you could test if it works or not…

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hmm okay. I will have a look on it. Thank you.

Your dac doesn’t support MQA, you will not get the higher MQA unfolds. You will, and are getting the resolution before MQA is unfolded. That’s all you will get until you install a dac that does the full MQA unfold attached to a device running Volumio. .

Thanks, but why I don’t get higher FLAC? I allready played 192kHz 32Bit Material als FLAC locally.
I tested with tracks mentioned in other thread, too and only get 48kHz and 24bit.

It’s all about the MQA format. The Fleetwood Mac album you are showing is presented to the dac from Tidal as 24/48 with MQA signaling. If your dac does not know what to do with MQA, it plays the file as 24/48. If you have a dac that does support a full MQA decode, it sees the MQA information in the presented file and performs the further decode, in this case to 24/192.

If you present your current dac with a plain 24/192 flac encoded file, your dac will play it at 24/192 as there is no MQA signaling in that file, i.e, it’s not an MQA encoded file.


I know this is kind of an old topic, but I guess that is indeed something not clear the way Volumio is dealing with Tidal Connect and MQA streams.

DAC = Audioquest DragonFly 1.5 - MQA render device (not full unfold support).

If I connect my DragonFly directly to my computer over a USB port, using the Tidal desktop app (MacOS) to play any MQA encoded streams i.e: Nirvana - In Utero - 20th Anniversary Remastered (96k) MQA Master, the DragonFly led is showing a beautiful Purple light.

As seen on the Audioquest Dragonfly Series FAQ page : Purple = MQA playback.

Now, If i connect the same Dragonfly into a USB port on my PI running Volumio, using the same MQA Stream, again using the Tidal desktop client, output Tidal Direct - Volumio selected, the led on the DragonFly is now Blue = 48kHz (MQA is in fact a 48kHz Flac file with the original information higher than 48kHz stored (folded) under -120dB) .

In that case, why the DragonFly is detecting a 48kHz stream and not detecting an MQA stream. Is Volumio doing the complete unfolding and send the unfolded stream to the usb device ?

FYI - the issue is present not only with Tidal Connect. If I connect Volumio directly to my Tidal account, and play the same MQA title with the Volumio browser instead of Tidal Connect, it ends up with the same result, a Blue led on the DragonFly.

Looks like Volumio doesn’t know how to deal with the MQA titles on Tidal and presents the file as a standard 48kHz flac file to the DragonFly ?

Is anyone have some informations to share with me ?


Here’s your answer: