Invite to join Public Beta Testing: Volumio 3 Buster

yes, a nice one.
Please don’t forget to report the configuration data, even when it is successful, personal interest :wink:

Does this beta support Airplay2?

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As there is no other place to ask these sort of questions, I’ll get you an answer asap.

Volumio 3 does not support Airplay2

I’d love to take part in this beta! Where can we find the images to download it?

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Read the post again and look for “Link”, it is something to click on :wink:
But thanks, I’ll make it more obvious…

Thank you! I missed the links earlier. Now it’s way more obvious!

after following the link (invite) to the discord server I get an error that the invite has expired?


unfortunately there is not too much going on there, by now.

The invitation link you got is time limited…


but should I expect this??
2021-03-02 10_05_23-Window

@AndrewHeard Updated the discord link, please try

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@volumio I really hope the announced bitrate noted after each radio station in the station overview will be integrated in Volumio 3.0!?
And please check the webradio Urls. There are more and more stations which don’t work anymore cause of changed urls.
And there are a lot of radio stations who meanwhile deliver a higher bitrate for their streamings under other URLs than the Volumio integrated adresses.
I think a renoened platform like Volumio is destroying their good reputation with such mistakes and it’s use, especially for paying members. Just a well-meaned advice…

This is coming in the next version of Volumio 2.X … in about a week

Thanks for the suggestion of stations, unfortunately we rely on third party APIs for that and some do not seem to update so frequently…


@volumio : On volumio 3.x when it is planned to be introduced. I will not come back to 2.0 :slight_smile:

Maybe an idea to maintain those url’s centrally by Volumio on a regular base. It’s easy to create a script (or RPA) to test if these URL’s are still valid and correct those that fail. Use a push service to push the updates to the clients, use a pull on the clients when opening the webradio page, or even a refresh button in the front-end, so the user can decide if needed.

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Even this is challenging.
Got an invite, needed to verify by phone, then by mail with a request for password…?

Did the phone, didn’t provide a password to my email,

now it just telling me Whoops unable to accept invite.

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Hi, juste to Say that the sound IS absolutely Amazing with Volumio 3.163. Bravissimo !!! Waiting for the 7 décembre with great attention. :+1:

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